So Far No Good

by Long Kill

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experimental solo stuff I started in 2013. now it's done


released October 20, 2015

written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Justin Ferraro



all rights reserved


Long Kill New York

we play birthday parties and funerals

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Track Name: I Was Lying
friendly schemes and a guy supplying lines on my side
what did they say?
seventy dreams and an earthy little collar that I put around myself so I wouldn't have to think anymore
I was lying when I asked you for your number, I was lying when I said that I cared oh and I was lying when I asked you for your number
forty-one tables and only one of them could be yours and I swear I swear I never meant to buy you those drinks
who could've warned me I was digging a hole?
link by link I forge this chain attached to a ball
throw it in the ocean, entertain sharks from inside my cage I really shouldn't mind it at all
I was lying when I said I wanted your number
I was lying when I said that I cared
I was lying when I asked you for your number
Track Name: Warden
bare-assed snot-nosed unwell in a third floor sauna/roach motel the room spins a centrifuge in hell devolved into a single prison cell I was a leech on your back I was the fly buzzing around your bed if I was feeding my true self wasn't I better off dead? there was no light to burn me the spider hung himself in his web thorax jackknifed ass wrapped his neck for the the full hour I sat there listening on the floor and what we wanted was running away and he's listening face to the warden he breathes dishonesty and I promise to figure out how to do him in I'll grow one day and carve away the shell that kept me curled up like a dog at the foot of my own insecurity back and forth with what you want is it life's rewards or left to rot? you go up and down can you decide between underground or in the light? a glowing finger had rose and found its way down my throat it had choked out the voice that said "die or get off the rope!" you can't throw a fit you can't curse when you can't get hard if you're trying to drown you're gonna have to drop your guard
Track Name: Prom (Sis)
lost my mind
I let it roll downhill
you push the boulder just a far as you can then it rolls right back
and while you're lying there broken the eagle has his lunch
life sucks
I broke down
what's the use in trying?
the mind finds a way to make you pay
life is chains